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Mobile responsive design is one of the most exciting and liberating website design changes that’s come along in recent web history.

Responsive Web Design

The change forced developers to design websites as a multi-channel, multi-tier canvas. Remember, people no longer engage with content just on a desktop. They might save that great blog they read in the morning at their work computer to read at home on their tablet or at the park on their smartphone. The key for designers is to put a strategy in place now to make your websites mobile friendly. If not, your prospects will read something else.

A recent article on the Copyblogger website further discusses responsive design and why it’s important.

“Being able to naturally and automatically adjust and adapt is a critical key to survival and success,” the article explains. “It’s true in sports, nature, business — and yes — web development.”

The Copyblogger article outlined five reasons why marketers should care about responsive website design.

  1. It works: When a website is responsive, the layout and content changes sizes based on the size of the screen. The pictures, text, headlines and videos automatically fit the four main types of screens: widescreen desktop monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  2. It’s cheaper: Mobile responsive design is revolutionary because it automatically delivers content customized for a screen without needing to spend lots of money designing multiple versions of your site. Responsive website design means you create one website with one design with no expensive apps required.
  3. It’s easier for readers: People don’t have to adapt themselves around your content. They can read and watch your stuff no matter where they are and what device they’re using. Ease of use is critical for today’s audience, which has so many choices for content.
  4. Small screen experience isn’t annoying: Most phones zoom out automatically so that people can see the entire website on the screen. This is frustrating because it makes text super small and difficult to find. Responsive website design means reducing the columns and making things bigger so that people browsing on a phone don’t have to do a lot of work to see your stuff.
  5. Critical info is easier to find: If people have a desktop, they have lots of space to find your address, hours of operation and menu. But mobile users don’t have that kind of screen real estate. Responsive website design gives them the options they need right away.

Source: Copyblogger