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Here are a few tips for how to update and maximize your new LinkedIn profile layout:

If you hadn’t noticed yet, LinkedIn got a face-lift this week. There are larger profile photos, new activity news feed, enhanced recommendations, and big changes in the applications. Here are a few quick tips on how to maximize the new layout and features.

  1. Make sure your profile photo is up to date and large enough for the new layout.
  2. Check out your profile strength on the right-hand side. If you are not an All-Star or not 100% complete, make sure you edit your profile and add the missing parts.
  3. Pull your recommendations to the top. Click “Edit Profile” and look for the up and down arrows to click and drag elements of your profile around.
  4. Choose your recommendation words and phrases carefully. I can see these having a big impact on search ranking and profile rankings in the near future. Make sure your network is referring you for the topics you want! (See image below.)
  5. Take advantage of the new tools and elements of the profile. (See below.) You can now add projects, languages, patents, test scores, and certification sections to your profile. There is even a place for volunteering and causes you support.
  6. LinkedIn recently add the ability to “Follow” popular topics, people, companies, and news stories, so you don’t have to connect with celebrities and prominent business people, you can just follow their updates. Note: These show up on your profile at the bottom by default. Pick 3 to 5 of the most interesting topics and stay up to date in your industry.
  7. I think the coolest new feature is the ability to add video, slideshows and documents right to your profile. If you click “Edit Profile” you should see those options. (See example below.)
  8. Don’t forget about the “Share” and “Export Profile” options. If you click the arrow in the blue box at the top of each person’s profile including your own. You can share this profile with others, and export it to a PDF as an instant resume, or background info on a prospect or client. Print it off and read it over before you next sales call.
(Click on the image to enlarge.)

The world of social media is always changing so this information may only be valid for 24 hours, but I hope it helps you sort out some of the new LinkedIn Changes.

Let me know if you have any trouble and I will try to help!