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Pay-Per-Click Management & Search Engine Marketing

PPC Management & Search Engine Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Management

  • Place Ads On Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • Place Video Ads On YouTube
  • Use Promoted Posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, & Twitter
  • Display Ads On Content Websites
  • Ad Writing, Keyword Research, & Campaign Management
  • Graphic Design For Display Ads & Banner Ads
  • And Other Search Engine Marketing Tactics

Search Engine Marketing

If you can’t earn a high search ranking, then buy one!

  • Search Engine PPC Ads
  • Display and Banner Ads
  • Social Media Promoted Posts
  • Interactive and Video Ads

If you can’t beat ’em, then buy ’em. That is part of our philosophy on pay-per-click ads… Everyone would love the top spot on a competitive keyword or phrase, but sometimes getting the top spot takes years and it takes momentum. If you are just getting started with Internet marketing or you are not getting the momentum you need, we recommend paying for some initial traffic. PPC ads start instantly so you can start getting traffic tomorrow!

The problem with this strategy is that once you stop paying, you stop getting the traffic. Therefore, we don’t recommend PPC as a long-term strategy. It is an effective short-term strategy to help you build an audience, either for your website or social media platform. You can use search ads to get quick traffic, banner ads on content sites to get targeted demographics, social media promoted posts to get your followers up, or promote a limited time offer, or you can use video ads to build awareness or an audience for your YouTube Channel.

Figuring out the ad copy, placements, keyword phrases, and rules for each site can be very complicated for any small business. Don’t waste time and money trying it yourself, and don’t listen to the so-called “Google Partners” that call you on the phone. Instead, trust a local expert in Kansas City that is more concerned about maximizing your results, rather than the money you spend with Google.

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