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Ecommerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

  • Build Your Own Web Stores
  • Add Payment Links To Your Site
  • Add Recurring Billing & Subscriptions
  • Sell Products or Digital Downloads
  • Sell on Ebay, Amazon, Google & iTunes
  • Create Your Own Apparel Store
  • And Much, Much More…


Online Business Development Plans

Ecommerce can be more complicated than you think…

Let us optimize your online marketing by:

  • Identifying Ideal Clients
  • Finding Them Online
  • Building An Audience
  • Converting Visitors To Sales

Most businesses think that if they build it, people will come and buy. That is just not the case. Building a business online is just as difficult as building one in real life. Sometimes, it can be more complicated.

An effective ecommerce business development plan includes identifying your ideal clients, finding where they hang out online, attracting them to your site, creating a database of prospects for remarketing, and converting visitors into buyers. MIMO Solutions can help anywhere along in this process. We are ecommerce specialists with years of experience from helping small retail businesses to national franchises and record labels, and many businesses in between.


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The Patrick Lentz Band

http://patricklentzmusic.com/ The Patrick Lentz Band had an impressive web following when we met them. Patrick has thousands of follower, especially on his amazing YouTube channel....

Chic Personalized Gifts

http://www.chicpersonalizedgifts.com/ Chic Personalized Gifts, or CPG Boutique for short, is one of our most ambitious projects in the last few years. It is a completely custom...

EyeDirect Website – Before & After – Dallas, TX

EyeDirect.TV in Dallas, TX gets a new website and online shopping cart courtesy of MIMO Solutions! I am proud to announce the launch of our latest...

Hudson Records

http://www.thudsonrecords.com/ It is not every day you get to make a website for NBA basketball player, a record label, and an internet sensation with over 3 Million YouTube fans. It is once in a lifetime, when they are the same website. Troy...

ECO-circle Organization

http://www.eco-circle.org/ ECO-circle is one of my all-time favorites for design and functionality. As you browse through the 5 steps in the ECO-circle process it loops back to the beginning to complete the circle. We also built a back-end website...

Peter Campbell Horsemanship

http://www.petercampbellhorsemanship.com/ This website design is definitely in my top 5 favorites of all time. Peter is an international legend when is comes to training horses, and I think we did him justice on the web. The design is perfect, the...


http://www.cleanphirst.com/ CLEANpHIRST really understood the power of internet marketing and realized most of their sales would be done through the website. The design is simple, yet professional and features the products heavily. We also did an...

Sandler Training Kansas City

http://www.effectivesales.sandler.com/ Wow, I have been working on this site for over a decade. I made the first version with straight HTML code in the late 90's. Sandler Training uses a content management system and standard design template world...

Rusty Spur Couture

http://www.rustyspur.com/ This website was super complicated and one of the most expensive I have ever built, but it has paid off in spades for the owners of the Rusty Spur. The design itself is a little too busy for my tastes, but they loved it...

Chuck It Recycling

http://www.chuckitrecycling.com/ Chucky was one of my favorite sites to build! I love that little guy. I actually did this site by hand because it was a lot more complicated than it looks. We made Chucky talk, it has a web store, blog, and audit...