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Social networking is the #1 online activity, used by 1.2 billion people worldwide. Nearly one in 5 minutes online is spent on social networking websites, and 75% of that is on Facebook.

“Social media is like teenage sex – everyone wants to do it. When they do they’re a bit awkward and disappointed, but as they practice and it gets much better.”

– LinkedIn’s marketing director, Josh Graff.

Getting Started:

ð       Sign up and complete your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, and Twitter.
ð       Use the same picture on all four profiles, and same logo on company pages.
ð       Make sure you include links to your company website and other profiles.
ð       Follow the favorites, join popular groups, and connect with key influencers.
ð       Send personalized invitations to connect to your network and suggested friends.
ð       Request recommendations and favorites politely and return the favor.

Being Social:

ð       Use the 80-20 rule – 80% content and 20% promotion.
ð       Update your status at least 3 times per day – morning, lunch, and night.
ð       Share and comment on other people’s posts at least once per day.
ð       Send invitations to connect to new people at least one per day.
ð       Comment or answer questions in groups 3 times per week.
ð       Cross-promote your other profiles, email newsletter, and website or blog once per week.
ð       Spy on your competition, research potential clients, and help referral partners.
ð       Be consistent, dead profiles make people think you and your company are dead too.


2.    Never us social media or email to cancel plans or send urgent messages.
3.    Avoid shorthand, buzzwords, and other jargon that can confuse people.
4.    Keep private stuff private and personal stuff with personal friends.
5.    Respond to every message from a real person, even if it is just “Thanks.”
6.    Respond on the social media site you were contact, unless asked to call or email.
7.    Don’t send out or respond to invitations for games or other timewasters.
8.    Be patient when waiting for a response. If someone doesn’t add you back, accept it gracefully.
9.    You are judged by the company you keep, so be careful about who you add to your network.
10. The internet is forever. Make posts you can be proud of. Manage your reputation.