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Logo design can be the most fun or most frustrating part of starting a new business or rebranding and existing business…

identity packageIt all depends on the company and graphic designer you choose to do your logo.

Bad graphic designers are one-trick ponies, who can only create in one style or with one vision, and then they run out of ideas. Good graphic designers can take your vision and ideas and turn them into a reality. Great graphic designers understand the balance between giving what you want and giving you what you need. They can negotiate between parties and process multiple inputs, and then take all the information to create something new, fresh and unexpected. I always love it when the outcome is better than the vision I had in my head for the logo.

At MIMO Solutions, we only use great graphic designers in Kansas City to create your logo. We hire and work with professionals who understand that getting paid to design a logo is different than being an artist who creates what they want. They understand how to balance our clients needs, yet never settle for poor quality or functionality.

Logo Design Formats & Functionality

Logos are often simple artistic designs, but they can be very complicated when it comes to formats, flexibility, and functionality. You want your logo to be unique and instantly recognizable, yet it needs to be simple enough to be embroidered on a shirt or hat, printed on a variety of materials, and still look good blown up to gigantic proportions on billboards and signs.

For those reasons, you will want to stick to what is called “vector” or “line art” for your logo. That means that every part of the logo is drawn with lines and shapes instead of pixels like in a photo. You have probably seen where photographic look bad shrunk to tiny sizes or blown up too big. However, with line art, your logo will be able to stretch to infinite sizes with perfect resolution.

You will also want to stick to solid colors and fairly standard color options. Gradients, dots and small stripes don’t embroider well and they run together in small imprints like on a pen or other promotional item. Also, gradients can be trouble in screen printing for t-shirts or other items. ¬†You will probably want to limit our number of colors as well. It will save you a ton of money in your marketing for the rest of the life of your business… One and two color logos are often have as expensive to print or embroider than 4-color or full-color logos.

In short, you can have a great looking logo that works for a long time on a lot of different places, but it is probably going to cost you a small investment in a great graphic designer to get started.


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