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Sandler Training Certification

Sandler Training Certification

I am proud to announce that last month I became a Certified Sandler Sales Trainer for the Kansas City area. I completed competencies in 10 areas of sales and a bunch of other requirements.

This certification is brand new, I was in the first group officially certified in the entire world. So far there are only 16 of us on the planet. Here’s what this means for you…

Sandler Training Sales Certification is now being offered in Kansas City!

Now that I am a Sandler Certified Instructor, I can begin certifying all the sales professionals in Kansas City as they expand their knowledge, skill, and mastery of the sales profession.
Come join me in the pursuit of knowledge and success in the certification process: http://www.effectivesales.sandler.com/sandler-training-certification
Unsolicited Leads or Referrals – Which one are you targeting?

Unsolicited Leads or Referrals – Which one are you targeting?

A referral is the second strongest lead in sales. The first is an unsolicited one. – Jeffery Gitmer
Sorry Jeffery, but I politely disagree. Referrals are by far the strongest lead imaginable.
Have you ever had anyone anyone call you business and ask for something you simply don’t do. When I worked for an advertising agency, there was another business with a similar name in town that rented giant inflatables for used car lots. About once a month, we would get an “unsolicited” call for a giant gorrila, of which we sold none.
Here are Sandler Training, we have gotten calls for dog training, personal fitness training, project management or technical skills training, all of which we do not offer. “Unsolicited” call-in leads are often one of the worst ways to find a potential client. In fact, it really only beats out cold calling.
Let’s talk about referrals and “qualified” leads that actually turn into business. Who do you think is more qualified to do business with you, someone who read or heard an advertisement or someone who was reccomended by a client or business partner who knows your business well?
Chances are that people who are reccomended, referred and introduced by your best client is far more qualified and prepared to buy from you than any “unsolicited” lead. Also, “unsolicited” leads are generally price shoppers, or browsers looking to do research or compare you with the other 14 bids they have. Referrals already see extra value you bring to the table and trust you way more than a number in the phone book.
Everyone wants the magic bullet of marketing to work, and no one wants to do the hard work of building real relationships, but the fact remains that it is the only path to consistent and sustained success in sales and life.
Leadership and Self-Deception

Leadership and Self-Deception

I have been reading Leadership and Self-Deception this week, and the book is amazing…

Not only do I love the psychological and communication principles, but I love the conversational style of the book. I have read about 110 pages in just a couple nights!

I highly recommend this book for anyone. You do not have to be in leadership to appreciate the principles as they apply to marriage, friendships, family and so much more.

However, if you are in a leadership position, this is a must-read!

Check it out:


The Happiness Machine

The Happiness Machine

What if you inherited a machine that was guaranteed to make you happy, but you had no idea how to operate it?

Now, if you are like most folks, you’d probably move heaven and earth until you figured out how it worked, wouldn’t you? The fact is, you were born with all the resources to make yourself very happy and successful. Unfortunately, you didn’t arrive with an instruction manual.
It has been left up to you to figure it out. Isn’t it strange, then, that most folks don’t even bother? They don’t read psychology, they don’t take classes or seminars on human behavior, and they don’t work with counselors, teachers or other professionals who could help them make the most of their potential.
Instead, they are content to bump along, not really expecting much out of themselves or of anyone else. Oh, they may go to a lot of trouble to learn to speak Chinese or to scuba dive, or even seek out the latest computer software. But they never take the time to learn about their own “software” – how their mind works.
Do you suppose this is because no one has ever told them that we are all programmed to achieve happiness and success? It is true. All we have to do is learn to operate the program. By that I mean educate ourselves, set goals, control our thoughts and get rid of glitches in the program that were put there by others who didn’t know better.

Sound simple? Well, it is. If you want to be happy, you can, but first you may need to do a little research.

Personal Growth & Relationships

Personal Growth & Relationships

If you are interested in pursuing personal growth, does this mean you are a selfish person? Today, let’s look at how personal growth affects relationships.

There’s no question about it. We need to have a caring relationship with ourselves before we can expect others to do so. However, being interested in personal growth doesn’t mean you’re selfish. In fact, it’s quite the contrary.
In his book, “The Psychology of Romantic Love,” Nathaniel Brandon wrote, “The first affair we must consummate successfully is the love affair with ourselves. Only then are we ready for other love relationships.”
You see, no matter how concerned we are about others, we are ultimately responsible only for ourselves. If we feel inadequate and victimized, then we have no power to offer another person security and strength.
Self-development means being the best you can be and giving the best you can give. It means asking yourself, “If I were living with me, would I want to stay around?” Then, you change what you need to change according to your answer, without making a big deal about it.
You see, although there are tremendous personal benefits to self-development, it is, perhaps, in your relationships with others that a commitment to personal growth will bring you the most gratifying changes.
– Lou Tice