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The Patrick Lentz Band


The Patrick Lentz Band had an impressive web following when we met them. Patrick has thousands of follower, especially on his amazing YouTube channel. His challenge was that it was not translating into the sales and bookings that it should. We optimized the website, rebuilt the home page shown here, took over management of this pay-per-click advertising, and also did some video optimization on YouTube and cleaned up his social media. What you find now is polished, professional and just as impressive as the band itself.

Chic Personalized Gifts


Chic Personalized Gifts, or CPG Boutique for short, is one of our most ambitious projects in the last few years. It is a completely custom ecommerce web store with a dynamic product design page. We also consult and manage all the social media and Internet marketing. The product design page is by far the coolest part. First you select the type of gift, then your starting design. Once you get to the product page, you can change the colors, labels, and text on every product to design your own monogrammed gift completely online. This virtual product designer was very complicated with all of the moving parts, but we think it turned out great! Let us know what you think…

EyeDirect Website – Before & After – Dallas, TX

EyeDirect.TV in Dallas, TX gets a new website and online shopping cart courtesy of MIMO Solutions!

I am proud to announce the launch of our latest website! EyeDirect is an amazing device that allows film-makers and photographers capture direct eye contact from their subjects. It even works with amateurs, kids and animals! It uses a series of mirrors to reflect the director’s face or teleprompter directly over the camera’s lens, so the subject remains focused in on the camera even when reading or responding in an interview.
Check out the videos at www.eyedirect.tv to see more about how it works or buy one for yourself!

Now more about that new website:

  • We used a WordPress platform to rebuild the entire site.
  • It has a responsive template that will automatically change to match the screen size for tablets and smart phones. There are actually 3 design layouts in one!
  • It has a complete shopping cart solution that includes Fedex shipping, sales tax, and inventory tracking, along with a bunch of cool display options.
  • We set up a brand new FAQ page since this invention is completely new and there is nothing like it on the market.
  • We added a full blog platform to showcase the EyeDirect being used across the world.
  • It has a new but simple look and a cool slide shows and videos that work without Flash to be compatible on any device or computer.
  • Of course we did some SEO, Internet marketing, and social media integration to take advantage of the new site and hopefully grow the demand for this new product.
Oh, and the best part is that is took us just over 20 hours to build! After being stalled for over 6 months and losing thousands of dollars with another web design company, Steve and EyeDirect have a new website and are up and running in less than 30 days!
Hudson Records

Hudson Records

 Hudson Records

It is not every day you get to make a website for NBA basketball player, a record label, and an internet sensation with over 3 Million YouTube fans. It is once in a lifetime, when they are the same website. Troy Hudson of the NBA started his own record label, and signed YouTube phenom 50 Tyson and several others. They maintain this site in-house now, but I did the main design, web store, social media integration for 50 Tyson, and the HudPlayer. The digital download sales of the songs was a first for me. “I ain’t gonna lie, man,” protecting 50’s digital rights and social accounts was a massive job.

ECO-circle Organization

ECO-circle Organization

ECO-circle Organization

ECO-circle is one of my all-time favorites for design and functionality. As you browse through the 5 steps in the ECO-circle process it loops back to the beginning to complete the circle. We also built a back-end website to manage their nationwide projects. The design itself just pops with style and fits the organization’s purpose, plus Chuck makes an appearance!

Peter Campbell Horsemanship

Peter Campbell Horsemanship

Peter Campbell Horsemanship

This website design is definitely in my top 5 favorites of all time. Peter is an international legend when is comes to training horses, and I think we did him justice on the web. The design is perfect, the pictures are awesome, and he has social media, a web store, training event registration, and a news blog. For an old school, rural horse trainer, Peter and his wife understand the power of internet marketing and the need to keep in world wide clients up to date.